In the West, when people talk of tea, they often refer to black tea. Different varieties of black tea are known for their smoky, earthy and malty taste. If you are planning to buy organic black tea or Darjeeling black tea online, here are 10 insights that you’ll find interesting:

1. Black tea vs green tea: To make black tea, the leaves are first rolled and then exposed to air for oxidation. This reaction causes the leaves to turn dark brown and gives the tea its strong flavour profile. On the other hand, green tea is processed to prevent oxidation. Thus, green tea is much lighter in colour than black tea.

2. During the old days, black tea owed its popularity to its long shelf life: The more oxidised the tea, the more it would retain its freshness. This made it easy to transport the black tea as it didn’t lose its taste and colour over long journeys. However, in today’s fast-paced world, green tea and black tea all can be transported without much trouble.

3. Black tea can be enjoyed hot and cold: Depending on the season and your personal preference, black tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. As Assam black tea has a rich and deep-amber colour, it is more prefered for cold brew than Darjeeling black tea.

4. Assam black tea has a malty flavour: The tropical climate of Assam gives its black tea a rich, full-bodied and malty flavour. This makes Assam black tea a perfect breakfast tea.

5. Darjeeling black tea is more of an afternoon tea: Also known as the ‘champagne’ of teas, Darjeeling black tea is delicious and fragrant. It has a sweet flavour and is ideal afternoon tea.

6. Black tea is the easiest tea to brew: Use 1 teaspoon of black tea leaves per cup of hot water. Make sure that the water is boiling hot. Place the leaves in the boiling water and steep the tea leaves for 2 to 5 minutes. The timing will depend on your tastes and the type of black tea you are using.

7. Do not use tap water for black tea: For brewing best-tasting black tea, always use filtered water. Tap water contains chlorine, minerals and impurities that can ruin the taste, aroma and flavour of tea.

8. Black tea typically has the most caffeine of all the tea types: Between black coffee and black tea, coffee has the most caffeine content per cup. But black tea has the most caffeine content when it comes to tea varieties. However, there are many other factors that determine the caffeine content. Some of the factors are infusion time and steeping temperatures.

9. Store black tea in a tin jar: Black tea should be kept in a cool and dark place such as a pantry. It should not be stored in glass jars where sun exposure can alter its flavour. It is best to keep the tea in the manufacturer's box or in a tin container.

10. Both Assam and Darjeeling black tea are meant to be enjoyed without milk: Darjeeling black tea has mild and floral characteristics and is enjoyed without milk and sugar. Assam black tea being a breakfast tea can be enjoyed with milk and sugar. However, tea connoisseurs say that the two should be enjoyed without milk and sugar. For mild sweetness, a dash of honey may be added.

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